Let’s talk about how to keep your spine happy and healthy!

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December 22, 2016
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Let’s talk about how to keep your spine happy and healthy!


After a long days work do you come home with a sore spine? Or how about you spent all day on your feet and no matter what you do your back just aches? As much as we all would love a Jacuzzi, some of us just don’t have the space or money to keep and maintain one.

There are other ways to keep your spine happy and cut back on those aching pains. Let’s start with the most important thing, SLEEP!  The way you sleep and how much you sleep affects your spine. So, if you aren’t getting enough of the z’s you may be straining your back. Your mattress matters, but this is a personal preference. Some people like to sleep in a big fluffy cloud, while others would rather sleep on a rock. It all depends on what makes you comfortable. Just make sure that there is enough support for your spine and neck and that you have a nice comfy pillow.

Let’s talk about your feet and you spine.

What kind of shoes you wear may cause some distress in your spine. You want to be sure that your shoes fit but aren’t too tight and that they give you enough arch support. Your shoes should help balance you and with the right pair, could help your back!

If you have a desk job like me, you do a lot of sitting. Sitting is all right for a little bit, but it is recommended that every once in awhile you stand up and stretch, or go for a little walk. Sitting nonstop puts strain on your lower back. A new trend in Corporate America is standing desks. These desks can be adjusted to your height to allow the user to stand and work at the same time. So when you need a break from sitting, just adjust your desk and stand for a bit. Being comfortable will also help productivity in the work place.

Exercising isn’t just for looking good; it can also help your spine. The target area for exercising is your lower back and abdominal muscle. By strengthening your core muscle, you are supporting your spine.

See, keeping your spine happy will keep you happy. What is there to lose? You will get better sleep, you can buy a new pair of shoes, you will be more productive at work! Your spine thanks you too!

Source – Stephanie Burke

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