We value our patients' experience at McKolosky Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete our Client Experience Questionnaire.

I came to this office with severe low back pain after working in the garden. I could not sit, bend, or get or down. I also could not go to work. My husband is a patient and suggested that I come for an office visit. Since getting regular chiropractic adjustments, and following a treatment plan, I have been pain free and able to return to work and living. My words of encouragement are: "Just try it! You'll be amazed!"

Elizabeth P.

My hip was out of place for about 4 months before I sought treatment. I went to my medical doctor and had blood work to rule out an auto-immune disease. With my hip problem I could not function while doing most activities. I can now do most everything after 6 weeks of treatment, with very little pain. I can walk with my grandchildren, which I missed very much. I had so much pain, I could barely go upstairs. Now I can do both with little discomfort after only 6 weeks. My words of encouragement are: "I was skeptic, but I would recommend chiropractic care to everyone"

Debra S.

"For the past 20 to 30 years, I have had chronic lower back pain and cervical burning pain. I tried stretching, chiropractor, physical therapy, and pain meds. A friend told me about different adjuncts available here and since being treated here, it has given me my life back! My range of motion has improved, I have no pain and the ability to sustain movement for longer periods. I also have more flexibility. I feel 20 years younger and I am walking taller. "My words of encouragement are: "Don't wait....just do it."

Carol C.