Are You Suffering From Back Pain?

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Are You Suffering From Back Pain?

Back Pain

Back pain is a leading cause of doctor visits in America. Many American’s will have some sort of back pain in their lifetime. It can cause hospitalization and surgery and could make everyday activities difficult to do. Every patient is different, back pain can be caused by a number of different reasons. Here are just a few examples that can cause your back to ache.

Sitting for too long

Sitting down all day can put strain on your neck and back. At work, it’s hard to find time to get up and stretch. During deadlines, it may seem inappropriate to get up and stretch. However, it may help your back from aching after a long day in the office. The amount of time you commute to and from work can have an effect on your back. It isn’t wise to take a stretch break on the highway. But, you can help your back by maintaining proper position throughout your commute. Make sure to be seated at a 90-degree angle. Do not strain your legs to touch the pedals. If your legs are stretched out, this can cause strain on your back.

Once work is over and you are home, don’t fall into the habit of sitting down on the couch right away. Do chores as soon as you get home or start exercising to get your blood flow moving. Set a schedule to only sit for a few hours a day. You want to stay on the move. Don’t fall victim to “veg’ing out” and losing motivation.

Not exercising

Exercising has many benefits. Not only does it keep you physically and mentally healthy, but also helps keep joint and back pain at bay. Many people stop exercising when they are suffering from back pain. But if you talk to your doctor, exercising could help alleviate your pain with some simple exercise routines.

Yoga is a great practice to help stretch unused or overworked muscles. It also lowers stress and calms you. Classes can range from beginners to intermediate.

If you exercise already, you could be hurting your back from not having proper form. Crunches are a huge culprit to back pain while working out. Even though crunches eventually help your back, they put a lot of pressure on your spine while completing them. It may be better to find other abs strengthening exercises to give your back a break.

What you wear

It’s hard to believe that fashion can cause back pain. But for many American’s, pain is fashion. Unfortunately ladies, you are more likely to have pain from what you wear. Most shoes are very stylish and could complete a whole outfit. But, the type of shoe you are wearing is causing you unnecessary back pain. High heels make your spinal muscles work harder and after hours and constant wearing, will give you back pain. Flip flops will also cause back pain because of the lack of arch support for your feet. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion though. Trendy shoes can still be worn, but if you are going to be on your feet for a long period of time, be sure to have a good pair of supportive shoes.

If you have questions about your back pain, contact our office! Our doctors are here to help you manage and fix your back pain.

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