Make Your Chiropractic Adjustment Last

Let’s talk about how to keep your spine happy and healthy!
February 21, 2017
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Make Your Chiropractic Adjustment Last

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When you come in to McKolosky Chiropractic searching for relief from neck pain, back pain, headaches, and any other related conditions, we want you leaving refreshed and renewed. During your appointment, our doctors will help instruct you on the best plan of maintaining your adjustment. Our treatment doesn’t stop there. As a patient, you will need to follow the instructions of your doctor to help the adjustment last.

Why is it important to maintain your adjustment?

By receiving an adjustment, you are training your body to hold the correct position and posture. It sometimes takes multiple appointments but the end results will leave you feeling much better and pain-free. We recommend that you take steps to better yourself after your appointment, not only will this make you a healthier you, but it will help maintain your posture.

What are the steps?

There are many things you could start doing after an adjustment; starting directly afterwards. Take it easy: don’t rush to stand up after the procedure. Keep your spine straight after the adjustment. You could also go for a walk afterwards, this will help your spine stay in a straight line. Do not bend at the waist; this will strain your spine.

A great way to keep your adjustment in check is to exercise easily. In a previous blog we talked about the importance of yoga and how it helps flexibility and strength. But another great option is Pilates.

By practicing Pilates, you combine all the benefits of yoga and aerobics drawing key focus onto the abdominal and back area. Many physicians recommend patients to try Pilates due to its low impact and gentle strengthening of the all over body.

It’s always good to consider eating a healthy diet and drinking the recommended amount of water daily.

At McKolosky, we want to see you improve after each appointment. A healthier spine means a healthier you. If you would like more tips and recommendations on maintaining your adjustment, contact us and speak with one of our professional and licensed doctors to help you find the best fit for improvement.

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