Interferential Electrotherapy

Therapeutic treatment that helps relieve pain and encourages soft tissue healing
What is Interferential Electrotherapy?

Interferential Electrotherapy (you may hear us refer to this as electrical stimulation or simply “stim”) is a type of therapeutic treatment that helps relieve pain and encourages soft tissue healing.

How does it work?

Small amounts of electrical impulses are administered to the tissues of the troubled body area and a low-frequency stimulation is created beneath the skin. When this happens, it causes the body to secrete endorphins and other natural pain killers to help relieve the pain.

What does it feel like?

Patients typically love this treatment and describe it as a tingling, massaging, or “pins and needles” type feeling.

Why is this type of therapy used?

Most often, Interferential Electrotherapy is used to relieve pain, calm muscle spasms, and help reduce the swelling of soft tissues.


Intersegmental Traction

Inducing passive motion into the spine to stretch spinal joints and increase mobility
What is Intersegmental Traction?

Intersegmental traction is a way of inducing passive motion into the spine for the purpose of stretching spinal joints and increasing mobility.

How does it work?

The patient lies face up on a table which has a roller-type cams beneath its surface. These rollers can slowly travel the length of the spine stretching the spinal joints.

What does it feel like?

Most patients find this form of treatment to be relaxing and very helpful. The gentle rolling action is restful, exercising the spine without effort.

Why is this type of therapy used?

Since the discs of the spine have poor blood supply, they get nutrients from the circulation of fluids surrounding the spinal joints. Fixations prevent this natural circulation and can lead to disc thinning and degeneration. Intersegmental traction helps increase and restore necessary elasticity and motion to the spine.


Ideal Protein Weight Loss

The Knowledge to Keep Those Pounds off Forever!

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol that results in fat loss while sparing muscle mass. The protocol was developed in France 25 years ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD PhD, who focused his career and research on nutrition with a particular emphasis on the treatment of obesity and obesity related issues.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is an easy 4-phase protocol which helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue. This protocol is also an excellent support for cellulite reduction and has been used in well over 2500 Professional Establishments in North America over the last eight years with great success.

Feet: The Foundation of Your Spinal Health

Custom Foot Orthotics

For anyone with an issue or discomfort relating to walking or imbalances

Orthotics are a great way to help with issues related to walking and alignment. Some of these include but are not limited to knee, foot and lower back pain. The need for orthotics is often related to an issue with the natural functioning of the foot. Orthotics will often help to realign the bones within the foot and ankle and therefore take pressure of other parts of the body such as the back, neck, shoulders and hips. In addition, orthotics will help with distributing your weight properly and take further pressure off of toes, bunions and other parts of the foot.

Orthotics are really for anyone with an issue or discomfort relating to walking or imbalances in the body that are known to cause related pain. The great benefit of orthotics is that they can be worn on a daily basis and be utilized during most activities to take further stress of the body.

Orthotics can often be prescribed by your chiropractor and can last well over a year in most cases. This is a great investment into your overall health and well being via a biomechanical standpoint.